Thank you for visiting! I am no longer creating nor selling essences, and sincerely thank everyone who supported my work from 2011-2016. However, if you feel you need my assistance, please send me an email and I will reply as soon as possible.

Since 2016 I have been writing a book about the dimensional sequence of human consciousness evolution, of how we truly embody multidimensionality and live as fully conscious Creators. Currently the book is about 450 pages, and will most likely be over 700 when finished. It has been and continues to be a challenge and an honor to write this information with my non-physical service team, as what we are presenting has not previously been written, and will help to support those who have chosen to do the work to consciously evolve. I do not yet have a date of completion nor publication, but if you are interested in being notified, please contact me at the address above. Thank you!

Best wishes,
Debra LaPorte