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  Amegreen Essence

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15 ml (1/2 oz.)
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Dosage & Additional Information

Amegreen is a rare stone. It is a combination of Amethyst and Prasiolite, or Green Amethyst. The combination of the two stones creates a wonderful synergy. The Amethyst helps one to expand their Divine intuitive abilities, and creates a state of peace and calm. The Prasiolite connects one with their Heart on a deep level, and can provide calming and soothing emotional support. Amegreen can boost mood and lift spirits. It helps one to integrate the higher energies, which, in turn, assist in releasing and healing patterns that no longer serve, especially those relating to the Heart. It exudes the frequencies of love and compassion, and enables one to ground high frequency light into the body, which can assist with physical and emotional healing.

Amegreen would be beneficial to purify and harmonize your energy field, most especially in the areas of your Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown. It would also be helpful if you need to lift your mood, and calm anxiety.

Comments from direct experience: "I felt an incredible expansiveness. The energy started at my Heart and then went out of my Crown, and at the same time, I felt it expand outwards into my aura, it lifted upward and then outward. I felt as light as a balloon, and about to just lift off and fly away. I realized what was happening was my energy field was expanding, it was filled with light. Any impurities were being released and sent outward, where they were purified. It was an incredible feeling, I don't recall another essence that has had the same uplifting effect. It worked intensely on my Heart for a very long time."

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Effects: Enhanced intuition, purification, heart opening, peace and calm, mood support

Essence Method Used: Direct; the stones are placed in the water

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