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  Garnet Essence

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15 ml (1/2 oz) alcohol & preservative-free
30 ml (1 oz) alcohol & preservative-free [Add $20.00]



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Dosage & Additional Information

Garnet is a stone of renewal. It works via the Root Chakra to move energy through the circulatory system, energizing the system, flushing out impurities, and boosting energy. It clears negative energy from the chakras and transmutes it into positive energy, and creates a balanced flow of energy from the Root to the Crown. Garnet increases vitality and life force, and promotes courage, commitment, and strength. The loving energy it exudes helps one to feel passion, and is excellent to support relationships.

Garnet would be beneficial if you are low on energy, and need a boost. It's also like a rather thorough detox, without any negative effects. In fact, you feel wonderfully uplifted! Also, if you find you need to be more self-confident and motivated, Garnet can help as well.

Comments from direct experience: "I felt the sensation of my body rising upward from my Root Chakra. Waves of energy came in surges, up through my entire body and out of my Crown. It felt as though I was being cleansed, and I received information that the Garnet was clearing my circulatory system and blood. Emotionally, I felt very uplifted and energized, although I had a very long and rather taxing day. Blockages were being flushed in a gentle but very rapid pace, it was quite remarkable how clear I felt after a few minutes."

Chakras: Root to Crown
Effects: Increased energy, vitality, better circulation, clarity, strength, courage, motivation, grounding

Essence method used: Indirect; the stones are not placed in the water

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