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  Moldavite Essence

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Price: $24.00

Product Code: MOLDAVITE

15 ml (1/2 oz) alcohol & preservative-free
30 ml (1 oz) alcohol & preservative-free [Add $20.00]



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Dosage & Additional Information

Moldavite is a glass tektite believed to have been created as a result of a meteor collision thousands of years ago. It is imbued with intergalactic energies and is exceptionally powerful. Even those not sensitive to crystals can usually feel its energy as a strong heat coming off the crystal. Moldavite can activate all chakras and release blockages very easily. Its exceptionally high vibration opens the Third eye and Crown and can "kick start" one's spiritual awakening, rapidly accelerating one's spiritual progress. It is also very protective, as its high frequency blocks lower energies. Plus, it is known to help assist one in communicating with beings from other planets and dimensions.

I asked the Intergalactic Families of Light to lend their energies to this essence, and thank them for their assistance.

Moldavite is beneficial to take before meditation, if you'd like to communicate with higher beings. It is also helpful to purify your chakras and accelerate your spiritual progress. Please note that this essence is VERY POWERFUL and may have to be taken in small doses.

Comments from direct experience: "I immediately felt a very strong vibration rush through me and out of my Crown. I felt as though my whole body was being lifted upwards. Then, I perceived, felt, what appeared to be an energetic tunnel coming out of my Crown and connecting me to the Cosmos and cosmic beings. I realized this tunnel was a communication connection. If I chose to, I would have been able to telepathically connect with them, it was very very cool! Also, the Moldavite worked intensely on my Heart and released blockages, creating a very beautiful sensation."

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown, Transpersonal
Effects: Higher consciousness, Third eye opening, Heart chakra clearing, accelerated spiritual awakening, interdimensional contact

Essence method used: Indirect; the crystals are not placed in the water

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